microfilm-document-imaging-services-TameranDocument Imaging Services

Microfilm Services

-Permanently backup important documents on microfilm.

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Document Scanning

-Easily convert paper, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards into a common, high-quality digital format.

-Share instantly on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

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Microfilm Roll Composer

-Produce the highest-resolution and most accurate digital files and metadata

-Software to create your microfilm archive

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Document Distribution

-Easily share documents with internal and external users.

-Automate document access and distribution with vivacé software.

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aperture-card-scanners-TameranAperture Card Scanners

QuickScan ACS

-Scan single aperture cards for quick viewing, printing and sharing

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-Quickly capture, edit, organize and index batches of scanned images into any database.

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Legacy Scanners

-Quickly capture, edit, organize and index high volumes of scanned images into any database.

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Low Volume Scanning Solutions

-Our QuickScan solutions scale with your business needs; from purchase to same-day conversion service.

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Imaging Software

-Improve the quality and usability of your digital images with ImagePrep software

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Stacker-Folder-iconWide Format Print Stackers | Folders

PrintStack Professional

-Automatically stack your prints into neat sets.

-Improve the poor offload capability of your wide format printer or scanner.

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PrintStack Tandem

-Say goodbye to output clutter from your xerographic copier.

-Stack originals and prints into neat sets.

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Printfold Express

-Quickly fold large engineering and technical documents into a variety of incredibly crisp, processional fold packets.

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Butterfly Extra

-Automatically fold wide format prints.

-Integrates with HP Designjet T7200 and Designjet T7100 large format printers.

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Printfold 2500G

-Connects with any wide format LED or xerographic printer

-Fast, unattended printing and folding.

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