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5 Simple Resolutions for Better Wide Format Printing in 2013


The New Year is a time for making resolutions and setting goals to improve your life. A few top resolutions on your list might be to save money, simplify your life and be more productive. The Solutions Specialists at Tameran Graphic Systems know businesses using wide format printers might also want to make similar resolutions. By following these easy strategies, your business can improve the efficiency of your wide format printer, simplify your existing workflow and trim labor costs associated with wide format finishing.

1. Reduce paper, ink and toner usage

Organizations that print large volumes of engineering drawings and technical documents often spend a significant amount of money on wide format paper, ink and toner. One good way to trim costs associated with printing is to print your documents on ANSI C 17"x22" paper. ANSI C prints are smaller than ANSI E 34"x44" prints, but they have the same aspect ratio.  

2. Maximize printer productivity with wide format stackers and folders


Solve the poor offload capability of most wide format digital and ink jet printers and organize your prints by adding a stacker and automated folder to your daily printing workflow.

Online Wide Format Folder- Printfold Folders fold B to E-size documents into various fold styles and packet types. Folded prints are easier to handle, file, transport, distribute, and use in manuals and books.

Offline Wide Format Folder- Printfold Express is a compact, reliable offline paper folder that provides a wide variety of fold styles and accepts paper from multiple large format xerographic and ink jet printers.

Wide Format Stacker- PrintStack Professional is a compact stacker for 36" to 44" xerographic and ink jet wide format printers that holds up to 600 prints or scanned originals. PrintStack Tandem holds up to 600 prints and scanned originals.

3. Achieve unattended and overnight printing for large quantities of print sets

Most wide format printers fail miserably in providing an efficient method for offloading prints. Most of the prints eventually end up in an unorganized mess on the floor. Tameran’s PrintStack Professional stacker improves online printing from multiple workstations by neatly stacking up to 600 prints or scanned original documents. By adding a stacker to your printing operation, wide format printers will be able to run unattended to print, stack and collect prints throughout the workday or overnight.

4. Reduce time for personnel to be at the printer; manage time effectively

By adding a stacker to your printing operation, engineers and personnel will be able to spend their time on projects rather than waiting for prints or sorting through print sets on the floor.

5. Organize and efficiently distribute your prints


Wide format printers and copiers generate various sizes of prints that can be difficult to handle in daily use. The laborious process of searching through rolls of documents, unrolling them to find the title block and then rolling them back up wastes time and money.

By adding a Printfold Express to your print process, workers are able to quickly and automatically fold documents to fit in a binder, pouch, folder or envelope. This will significantly reduce the costs associated with searching for documents, hand folding and distributing them. 

Follow these simple resolutions, and your business will improve the efficiency of your wide format printer, simplify your existing workflow and trim labor costs associated with wide format finishing. Contact Tameran's Solutions Specialists today for a free myProductivity assessment package with a comprehensive plan that fits your technical needs.


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