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Microfilm and Digital Archive Services

Preserving Critical Documents Through the Ages - A Hybrid Approach

Microfilm Archiving

Tameran Microfilm Archive

Digital Archiving

Tameran Digital Archive

Tameran's Reference Archive Solutions provide your business with a solid strategy for managing, accessing and preserving business-critical documents, especially wide format technical documents, in today's digital world.

Although digital records are most efficient for everyday access, electronic storage is not the answer for protecting information for the long term. Microfilm is the most-effective, safe and durable method for storing your documents through the ages.

Our microfilm services can be seamlessly integrated with your existing workflow, making document preservation a natural by-product of your normal document release process. Tameran can scan your paper or microform documents to make them available for digital distribution to anyone who needs them, anywhere they may be needed, while also preparing and completing a more permanent archive on microfilm. This hybrid approach to document archiving provides the best of both electronic and microfilm worlds while implementing the most secure method for retaining records for hundreds of years to come. Let Tameran Reference Archive Solutions provide your "Document Safety Net".

Tameran Reference Archive Solutions . . . Your Document Safety Net