Benefits of Adding an Automated Paper Folder to Your Wide Format Printer

Folding Large, Technical Documents Can Be Easy and Cost Effective with an Automated Folder


No more struggling to fold large pieces of paper! No more wasting time and money folding or rolling documents! Online and Offline Automated Wide Format Paper Folders will:

  • Reduce wide format printer operating costs
  • Reduce labor cost of hand folding or rolling prints
  • Reduce labor costs associated with storage and retrieval of wide format prints
  • Improve productivity by
    • Improving operator functionality
    • Enabling printing of multi-page print sets
    • Providing efficiency in production environments
  • Integrate with many wide format copier/printer creating seamless workflow integration, greater productivity and reduced costs
  • Fold even the largest documents with a minimum number of folds to minimize packet thickness, reduce folds that inhibit reading data when packets are unfolded, and allow more packets to be shipped per box or envelope
  • Provide the most flexibility of fold patterns to match an organization's storage and distribution requirements
  • Allow wide format documents to be combined with various other office-size documents by binding, stapling and filing
  • Consistently fold to create uniform and readable engineering title blocks oriented
    face up and located correctly in lower right corner of packet

For more information on the benefits of automated folding, see "Why Fold Wide Format Paper Documents?". Find out how one automobile manufacturer improved the wide format print process with a Tameran Printfold Automated Folder by reading "Wide Format Folders Improve Auto Manufacturer's Printing Operation".