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Microfilm is the safest, most secure way to protect your documents.


Document security should be your first thought. Not an afterthought. That’s why microfilm is the best way to protect and preserve your paper and digital documents. Tameran Microfilm Services has been helping organizations safeguard and permanently backup their business critical records for forty years. A microfilm reference archive is your only true long-term document safety net.

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What will it cost your organization if you can't find and access your records? Learn everything you need to know about safely and permanently archiving your records.

Why preserve your documents on microfilm?


It’s the most economical way to archive business or government records and comply with laws and mandates

Preserve and secure records on media that will last more than 500 years.

Eliminate worries about data loss, migration issues, manmade and natural disasters.

Get true, readable images from document sizes greater than 17″ x 22″ (A2).

Easily integrate microfilm into your document management system- Let us show you how to create a secure and permanent archive.

Microfilm is the most reliable preservation method.

Microfilm is the most trusted form of document preservation for critical information among manufacturers, utilities and government agencies where documents must be kept for 10-200 years or more.



We archive just about anything.

Microfilm is your document safety net, and it will provide you with peace of mind now and in the future. A digital archive is great for everyday use, but it can also be fragile and vulnerable. We record your vital documents on 500-year-life microfilm archive media to assure long-term security. Our microfilm services include:

16mm or 35mm roll microfilm from digital or paper files

Aperture card production from digital or paper files

Indexing of aperture cards through hollerith code

Duplication of silver or diazo film

24/7 access to documents via a secure network

Kodak Infoguard Monitoring Program(Eastman Park)

Off-site storage solutions

How will our hybrid-approach work for your organization?

Although digital records are most efficient for everyday access, electronic storage is not the answer for protecting information for the long term. Microfilm is the most-effective, safe and durable method for storing your documents through the ages. Our hybrid approach to document archiving gives you instant access to your files and a secure, long-term archive.

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Protecting Utility Infrastructure Documents in an Online Era- What happens when you can't access or find electric, gas, water, sewer or cable records? Learn how to implement a secure and permanent reference archive.
Two easy ways to provide you microfilm.

1. Send digital files to Tameran Microfilm Services via our secure network for filming or send paper files or aperture cards directly to us. We’ll safely scan and create your microfilm archive.

2. You can also prepare your scanned images and other digital files for microfilming using Tameran’s ImagePrep and create a virtual roll of film with Microfilm Roll Composer before sending the digital files to Tameran for recording on archival microfilm. The roll of microfilm recorded will be identical to the virtual roll you create.

We can help you manage your project.

Whether you are beginning a small conversion project or integrating an entire library of documents into your document workflow, we’re ready to help. SmartProject Consulting provides you with the best tools to complete any conversion project. Our experts specialize in developing innovative, customized solutions for document imaging, distribution and preservation.

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The ImagePrep solution.

With ImagePrep, your entire scanning experience gets a whole lot better. Quickly rotate, deskew, despeckle, cut, crop, scale, invert, mirror, stamp and watermark an entire image or specific sections. ImagePrep also allows you to organize and index images for easy access, sharing and storage. It’s that simple.

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The most-efficient microfilm production.

Microfilm Roll Composer gives you the power to compile digital document files and metadata into jobs for recording on reference archive microfilm. With Roll Composer, you are able to create a virtual roll of film on your workstation. What you see is exactly what you get when your roll of film is recorded on microfilm—just like Print Preview!

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Protecting Public Records in an Online Era- Learn how to safeguard and archive your digital documents.
The best way to get advice and help.

Get in touch with our Solutions Specialists when you need assistance or expert advice for your conversion project. We want to learn about your ideas and give you the best support and advice available.

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