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Kodak Infoguard Authorized Provider

Kodak reference archive mediaTameran is an authorized provider of Kodak Infoguard Micrographics Services. All 16 and 35mm roll microfilm and aperture cards produced by Tameran for preservation of documents are monitored through the KODAK Quality Assurance Lab. Tameran conducts daily and monthly testing and sends samples and test data to the KODAK Quality Assurance Lab for evaluation on a monthly basis. Your Reference Archive created by Tameran with the Kodak certified program is a self-sustainable repository of digital records maintained in an analog format on microfilm certified to last over 500 years.

Tameran is ready to deliver peace of mind and help keep you in compliance by providing both digital files for your everyday access and a microfilm reference archive that ensures file integrity and represents an authoritative reference to your digital archive.