Microfilm Roll Composer

Automate the Process of Creating Rolls of 16mm or 35mm Archival Microfilm from Digital Documents

Tameran provides turnkey services for recording your vital records on 16mm or 35mm archival microfilm. With these services, you send your documents to Tameran and we prepare, process and record the documents on the appropriate microfilm. Using Tameran proprietary software tools, we are able to provide the high quality, organized results demanded for a vital record archive.

These same proprietary software tools are available from Tameran for its archive service customers to internally prepare their documents for recording on archive microfilm media.

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Leverage Your Knowledge with Tameran's Microfilm Expertise

You have the flexability of using your existing processes, staff and unique document or systems knowledge to create the archive record that will meet your objectives while at the same time assuring that your documents are recorded at the highest quality possible by Tameran's archive microfilm recording center.

Tameran's Microfilm Roll Composer is a Windows® program that allows you to compile digital document files and metadata into jobs for recording on reference archive microfilm at Tameran's Archive Filming Center. With Roll Composer, you are able to create a virtual roll of film on your workstation. What you see is exactly what you get when your roll of film is recorded on microfilm—just like Print Preview!

Your Means to Lower Cost, Efficient Microfilm Production

Roll Composer provides:

  • More cost-effective filming
    • Through roll composition choices you control, more images can be fit on the film therefore producing less rolls of film
  • Easier access to images
    • Less rolls of film translates into decreased search time; images and data are spread over less rolls
    • Index and metadata recorder on the film is accessible for search and can be converted back to digital data if needed
  • Ability to choose between 16mm or 35mm microfilm depending on original document size

Four Steps to First Rate Preservation Microfilm

1. Prepare Digital Images with ImagePrep

dirty and cleanedup drawingsDocument files are first prepared with image processing software such as Tameran's ImagePrep Plus  before using Tameran's Microfilm Roll Composer.

Files are:

  • Converted to single-page TIFF file format
  • Correctly rotated and scaled
  • Embedded with metadata in the TIFF headers, if applicable
  • Straightened
  • Despeckled
  • Cropped
  • Stamped
  • Watermarked

Tameran's ImagePrep Plus can help you prepare files manually or automatically using ImagePrep Plus automated workflow tools.

2. Digitally Compose a Virtual Roll of 16mm or 35mm MicrofilmRoll Composer Screen Shot

Once the document files are ready, you can compose a virtual roll of microfilm by selecting and ordering image files and choosing options that govern how the images are to be treated. These options control film features such as the inclusion of sync marks and frame numbers and the pull-down and the layout of images within frames.

You can:

  • assign a roll number or accept the next sequential roll number presented by the program
  • add front or back matter (target, logo etc.)
  • chose automated indexing and set up index headings
  • set leader and trailer length
  • set frame configurations including sync marks, frame number, and meta data

3. Preview Your Film

Roll Composer Screenshot1a

Files are then added in the order in which they are to appear on the film. As files are added, the program calculates and displays the amount of film used. It also displays a detailed preview of the film that can be scrolled and examined.

The list of files that comprise the film can be edited by adding, removing, and re-ordering items.

As this is done, the preview reflects the changes. Hovering the mouse pointer over any part of the film preview shows a magnified positive image of the area pointed to.

4. Tameran Processes Your Microfilm for Safekeeping for Years to Come

A completed roll composition is saved as an encrypted file. Once you are ready to have one or more microfilm rolls made from these virtual rolls, you create a job that electronically transmits the roll files to Tameran for processing.

Close Up of Roll Composer Screen Shot
(Example of screen shot showing various document sizes arranged on 35mm microfilm.)

Creating a long term microfilm archive of your important and vital records is quick and accurate. Contact Tameran for more information or a quote to find out how simple and cost effective it is to create a microfilm reference archive for your critical documents.