PrintStack Tandem Wide Format Paper Stacker

The Stacking Solution for Wide Format Xerographic Copiers

PrintStackTandem forweb

Retrieves Prints and Originals at the Same Time

  • Compatible with 36" wide KIP, Seiko and Ricoh wide format xerographic copiers
  • Stacks up to 600 11" x 17" to 44" x 60" copies and originals 
  • Solid, reliable construction
  • Neatly stacks flat documents that might otherwise end up on the floor due to location and capacities of most wide format printer offloaders
  • Compact footprint
  • Integrated wide format stacking solution that automatically matches the speed of your wide format printer or scanner
  • Adjustable height
  • Prints available to you at convenient waist-high level

Increase Efficiency and Productivity of Your 36" Large Format Copier/Scanner:

  • Improve operator functionality by eliminating awkward retrieval of prints from inefficient offloaders where paper ends up on the floor
  • Improve productivity by stacking paper output automatically while operator continues to feed scanner or copier
  • Enhance online operation from multiple user workstations by providing a rugged place to stack multiple jobs that have been run to an unattended copier allowing users to retrieve prints at their convenience
  • Send multi-page print sets and sets of various-size documents to the copier and stack without concern that the offloader is unable to handle the load; sequenced print sets remain together and can be printed in multiples without worry
  • Run copiers continuously or even overnight; copies can be retrieved at the user’s convenience or the next morning