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Tameran Brochures for Products and Services

Archive_Services_Brochure Reference Archive Solutions Brochure
Preservation of your business critical documents is easy and cost-efficient with Tameran Reference Microfilm Archive Services.
Conversion_Services_Brochure Conversion Services Brochure
Convert various forms of documents to a common digital format and easily integrate for digital access and distribution.
ImagePrep_Brochure ImagePrep Brochure
Uniquely combines image capture, clean up, and document conversion with data collection to improve, organize, and index images for easier document storage, retrieval and distribution.
vivace_brochure vivacé Brochure
Improve and automate document access and distribution resulting in time saving and cost cutting process improvements.




C-250 Aperture Card Scanner Brochure
Convenient and affordable desktop aperture card scanner; includes auto-feed hopper and hollerith code reader.

C-400 Aperture Card Scanner Brochure Compact, affordable, fast and easy-to-use aperture card scanner for low to mid-volume digitization of aperture cards; includes 250+ card auto-feed hopper, hollerith code reader, compatible with Windows 7 Professional (32 or 64 bit).

C-Drive_X_Aperture_Card_Scanner_Brochure QuickScan Aperture Card Scanner Brochure
Portable, single aperture card reference scanner.
CS750_Aperture_Card_Scanner_Brochure CS500/750 Aperture Card Scanstation Brochure
A 500 card input hopper and batch processing feature allow maximum productivity. Archive or print scanned images with minimal operator participation.
PrintStack Professional Brochure PrintStack Professional Wide Format Paper Stacker Brochure
Compact offloader for 36" to 44" Xerographic and Ink Jet Wide Format Printers; holds up to 600 prints or scanned originals.
PrintStackTandemBrochure 20120927 1 PrintStack Tandem Wide Format Paper Stacker Brochure
Compact offloader for Xerographic 36" Wide Format Copier/Scanners; holds up to 600 scanned originals and 600 prints.
Printfold Butterfly Brochure Printfold Butterfly Brochure Automated online folder for wide format documents printed on the HP Designjet T7100 and HP Designjet 4520 wide format printers.
Printfold Babyfold Brochure Printfold Express Brochure Automated offline wide format paper folder. Compact, walk up unit supports output from multiple large format xerographic/LED or ink jet printers.
Printfold 2500G Brochure Printfold 2500G Brochure Automated online wide format paper folder is compatible with any wide format LED or xerographic printer.