QuickScan ACS Aperture Card Scanner

Quickly Get Clear Digital Images from Aperture Cards 

Looking for a quick, easy and economical aperture card scanner that will produce clear, legible images? QuickScan is a compact scanner with big capabilities.

Most reference and library scanners are limited to 24 megapixel imaging or less. QuickScan's 138 megapixel imaging capability produces the highest quality digital images available for viewing, printing or emailing. In under 10 seconds you get clear, easy-to-read images. And, QuickScan is the most affordable aperture card scanner available! 

  • Lowest cost aperture card scanner on the marketQuickScan ACS
  • 138 megapixel imaging (2 to 4 times higher resolution than similar scanners)
  • Scan or print from aperture cards in under 10 seconds
  • Single feed
  • Bi-tonal and greyscale imaging
  • Convenient, walk-up unit for public or professional use with easy user interface
  • Compatible with Windows 7 Professional (32 bit/64 bit)
  • Depot Repair Program

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With our easy installation and training options, you can start converting your microfilm aperture cards to usable, digital images in no time. View our QuickScan ACS demonstration below.