Document Conversion Services

Convert Paper, Microfilm and Digital Images to Standard Digital Formats for Storage and Distribution

  • Example_of_Scanned_Technical_DrawingData capture (scanning of paper or microform)
  • Conversion (conversion of digital images to standard digital format)
  • Image Processing
  • Indexing
  • Data loading

Tameran's software and hardware solutions automate the capture of images, conversion of file data and indexing of metadata into digital systems. Tameran will assist you in providing and maintaining access to your documents no matter the original media or digital format.

Anyone can digitize or convert data and documents, but the resulting digital images may not always be the best quality. You can be assured that Tameran will provide high quality, readable images that are ready to be accessed and used on an everyday basis or digitally archived for future needs. Utilizing our leading-edge hardware and software products, Tameran captures and converts files to a common image format and combines the image with appropriate metadata. The resulting image and any associated metadata can be output to a format that allows batch loading into your document management or information management systems. In some cases, you can provide Tameran with a server and our professionals will load your data onto it and send the fully configured system back to you.

Tameran Document Conversion Services Include:

  • Document scanning of:
    • Paper documents (from wide format engineering drawings to letter and legal size documents)
    • Aperture cards including hollerith (punch) code
    • 16mm and 35mm microfilm
    • Microfiche
    • 70mm and 105mm full frame negative
    • 35mm slides
  • Conversion of digital files to a standard file format
  • Indexing and data entry
  • Image processing and enhancement
  • Marry disparate data into one efficient system

More than just the digital image can be returned to you. Images can be combined with their associated metadata in whatever specified format you desire. These images are ready for batch loading into management information systems such as PDM, PLM, EDMS, MRP, ERP and document distribution systems such as Tameran vivacé. Tameran's background in document imaging and distribution systems provides an incomparable expertise in document conversion and preservation processes. We utilize the highest quality scanners and software as well as superior methods to capture the highest quality images in the industry. Often times the resulting images are better than the originals. Our high quality, turn key solutions provide converted, processed and indexed digital files that are ready for importing into any electronic document management or document distribution system. And, with secure online access with our vivacé software throughout the process, you never have to be without your documents.

By converting documents to a common digital format, it is easy to securely store your documents and provide electronic access and distribution to a wide audience of potential users. Potential authorized users do not need special equipment or proprietary applications to access your documents. Documents that are in a common digital format with associated metadata can also be quickly and accurately recorded on reference archive media.

Quality and Security

Tameran delivers the highest quality digital or microfilm images available by following a proven process and quality controls and by providing an individualized solution to meet customer needs and goals.

  • Proof of Concept - Tameran's Proof of Concept program provides a definitive means to explain our system and processes in order to meet your conversion or archive solution expectations. Our Statement of Work will outline and define the project and the estimate involved to "prove" the proposed new process or system
  • Transfer of documents via secure network
  • Stringent quality control guidelines