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Microfilm Archive Services | Micrographics

Preserve Documents on Microfilm

Various Tameran MicroformsTameran Micrographic Service for Document Security and Compliance

With over 35 years of experience as a microfilm service provider, Tameran is not only an expert in preservation microfilming but is ready to deliver peace of mind and keep you in compliance.

Microfilm is the most effective, safe and durable method for storing documents through the ages. Reference archive microfilm media has a life of more than 500 years, is human readable (no application software or computer hardware is required to view the documents, if necessary), and can be converted to digital formats as needed.

Tameran can preserve paper or digital documents, from 8½" x 11" up to large engineering drawings, along with the related indexing or metadata by recording onto long-life reference archive microfilm media. 


Risk Management for Your Critical Documents

If you believe your documents are safely and permanently stored through digital means, think again. Today there is a vast misconception that digital is permanent, and therefore great trust is placed in the capabilities of digital media to provide long-term storage of electronic documents. A digital archive is not preservation. By recording your documents on reference archive microfilm media, you reduce the risk of your documents not being available when you need them.

Protecting Utility Infrastructure Documents in an Online Era

Protecting the Public Record in an Online Era

Tameran Reference Archive Solutions . . . Your Document Safety Net