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Microfilm Services

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Our History in Microfilm is Your Document's Future

Tameran has specialized in microfilm technologies since the 1970s. We use our own Microfilm Composer software to create the highest quality images to be preserved on microfilm. Our interest is not only in safeguarding your critical documents but creating microfilm images that are usable now and decades in the future.

Tameran Microfilm Services Include:

  • 16mm or 35mm roll microfilm from digital or paper files
  • Aperture card production from digital or paper files
  • Indexing of aperture cards through hollerith code and readable OCR index on roll film
  • Duplication of silver or diazo film
  • 24/7 access to documents via a secure network through Tameran's vivacĂ© document distribution system
  • Kodak Infoguard Monitoring Program to assure crisp, high-quality film and images
  • Processes meet ANSI/AIIM and ISO Standards
  • Off site storage solutions

Two Ways to Provide You Microfilm:

  1. Send digital files to Tameran via our secure network for filming or send paper files or aperture cards directly to us and we'll safely scan and create your microfilm archive.
  2. Or, prepare your scanned images and other digital files for microfilming using Tameran's ImagePrep and create a virtual roll of film with Microfilm Composer before sending the digital files to Tameran for recording on archival microfilm. The roll of microfilm recorded will be identical to the virtual roll you create.

Choosing the best type of microform for preservation of your documents can be confusing. Let Tameran clear any confusion with choosing the correct microfilm archive media.

Why Microfilm Your Business Critical Documents?

  • Improved productivity by integrating document preservation into the regular document release process
  • Simple, fast and economical means for complying with regulatory industry and government laws and mandates
  • Eliminates high costs associated with ownership and operation of aperture card cameras and plotters, microfilm cameras and other archiving equipment
  • Ability to obtain true, readable images from document sizes greater than 17" x 22" (A2)
For more information on microfilm preservation, see Why Preserve Documents on Microfilm?