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Why Preserve Documents on Microfilm?

Microfilm is Your Document Safety Net

Less_Risk_with_Microfilm_Archive Microfilm is the most economical way to truly preserve information that is vital to a process or product or to more permanently archive public or historical records of continuing value.

A digital archive may currently seem to be the most popular and economical way to store and access information, however, various dangers exist when a microfilm archive is not utilized as a back up for critical records.

Tameran recommends a hybrid approach to preserving records: a digital archive for everyday access and a microfilm reference archive for information of enduring value and permanence.

Less Risk, Longer Document Life with a Microfilm Reference Archive

Is your document preservation system truly safe, reliable and permanent? Archive methods should be matched to the type of document and activities they support as well as the life cycle of the document. Preservation on microfilm is critical for documents that remain vital to a process or product for many years or decades in the future such as as-built drawings, vendor drawings, maps, facility drawings and government records.

A microfilm archive will be your secure "cloud". Once a document is stored on microfilm, it can easily be retrieved, scanned and distributed electronically.

Digital RisksLong Term Digital Storage Equals Risky Business

Unlike microfilm, digital data is fragile and susceptible to:

  • technological obsolescence
  • media decay and obsolescence
  • outmoded software
  • loss of data through migration process or failure to migrate data
  • high costs of migration
  • failure to backup digital data (human and equipment error)
  • high-tech piracy, internal and external hackers
  • power failures, natural disasters or terrorist attacks
  • a disconnect between images (content) and metadata (database)

If you can't afford for your documents to be vulnerable to a wrong button being pushed, a natural or man-made disaster or an equipment or process failure, then a microfilm reference archive is necessary to increase the odds of survival and availability of critical information.

Long Term Document Security is Possible with a Tameran Reference Archive

While it is important to make information usable and accessible for those who need it now, it is just as important to assure that documents be preserved for the future. Certain classes of business information must be kept for the long term including technical documents concerning products, processes, inventions, buildings and utility infrastructures, as well as legal documents and records of business activities. Furthermore, many industries and government agencies need to comply with regulations requiring certain records to be archived on microfilm.

Engineering Drawings Are You in Compliance?

When information technology and business compliance collide, organizations often find themselves in a dilemma: creating lasting and accessible repositories of unalterable information that don't fall victim to shortfalls of electronic storage. This is where Tameran Microfilm Archive Services can help; storage of digital records in an analog format on microfilm ensures file integrity and allows for a self-sustaining, reliable and permanent, eye-readable reference to your digital archive.

Preservation of vital records is crucial not only for corporations and utilities but local, state and federal agencies as well. The Council of State Archivists issued a report regarding emergency preparedness in State Archives as well as a Vital Records Awareness guide.

According to findings by CoSA:
"State archives and records management programs have been working with state and local government agencies for years to create and store security microfilm copies of their most important records. Similar provisions do not always exist for electronic records." For more information regarding measures for securing vital records and the state of document archiving in the United States, visit the Council of State Archivists (CoSA) at: htm#resources.

As a microfilm service provider, Tameran is ready to deliver peace of mind and help keep you in compliance. Your digital records can truly be as safe as you think they are.

Tameran, an authorized provider of Kodak Infoguard Technology, produces microfilm and aperture cards for the preservation of your business critical documents.

Tameran Reference Archive Solutions . . . Your Document Safety Net