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With ImagePrep There's More to Document Conversion Than Just Scanning

There's more to document conversion than just capturing the image, especially when considering that not all scanners are made equal. Scanned documents (especially architectural, engineering and construction drawings, schematics, newspapers, maps, etc.), whether converted from paper, microforms or another digital form, need to be crisp, clean, usable, indexed images that can be easily integrated into any document management, distribution or archiving system. ImagePrep is a vendor-neutral imaging software that combines image capture, document conversion and clean up with data collection.

Create Superior Digital Images Ready for Storage or Distribution

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ImagePrep software improves the quality and usability of your digital images, whether they are technical documents such as engineering drawings or related standard size office documents. Through an automated process, you can edit, index, convert file formats, perform advanced image processing and use tools for automatically acquiring index or metadata from different or unrelated data sources. ImagePrep delivers properly named digital images in combination with nearly any file format structure that can be used with other applications.

The ImagePrep Series is a virtual toolkit for transforming the way you collect and process documents and related data for storing, accessing and distributing information.

Image Processing Tools

  • Automated high speed image loading
  • Crop, size, despeckle and deskew
  • Group and ungroup images
  • Create multi-page document by binding
  • Create single page document by bursting
  • Split images
  • Create image file from CAD and other formats
  • Stamp and watermark

Data Processing Tools

  • Index images
  • Add metadata
  • Output metadata in different formats

Automation Tools

  • Create workflows to automate image processing, indexing and metadata acquisition
  • Automatically run workflows

Easily improve, organize, index and load scanned images into any database

You will benefit from higher productivity and produce the high quality indexed images you need to assure success with your digital document management, document distribution or document archiving system.

ImagePrep is available in five versions of increasing capabilities and automation:

  • ImagePrep Feature Chart ImagePrep - Clean up, edit and index digital images. Create templates for data fields you wish to capture and map locations on images where data is located to allow for quick input of desired data.
  • ImagePrep Plus - ImagePrep with the ability to design automated workflows for processing documents as a group or in a specified directory.
  • ImagePrep Ultra - ImagePrep Plus and file format conversion. Various file formats such as DWG, DWF, DXF, HPGL, CGM, C4 and others may be converted to raster formats such as TIFF, PDF, CALS, JPEG or PNG.
  • ImagePrep Max - ImagePrep Ultra with additional ability to automatically acquire index or metadata from disparate data sources for outputting with images in multiple formats and unlimited data structures.
  • ImagePrep Universal - ImagePrep Max plus capability to convert data from multiple sources and multiple formats to a format that is compatible with each recipient of the data. XML is produced that conforms to the customer's schemata for input into any database.

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