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Innovative Technology Makes Wide Format Printing More Cost-Effective than Ever


What comes to mind when you think of the ideal wide format printer? You probably want an affordable printer that's compact to save on space, offers front loading and holds more than one media type to print a variety of projects. You also probably want a printer that works efficiently in different office enviroments and organizes your prints.

What's the Best Way to Backup and Store Records?


In some of Tameran's blog posts, we talk about how organizations can simplify and improve how their business critical documents are managed, converted and stored. Occasionally, we run into a news story about data backup and document retention at a business or local government. Each article is a good reminder that organizations need a solid strategy for managing, accessing and preserving their documents.

How Can I Back Up My Data and Prepare for a Natural Disaster?


The six-month hurricane season began on June 1, and the NOAA's Climate Prediction Center is forecasting an active or extremely active hurricane season this year. NOAA predicts a hurricane season with three to six major hurricanes of 111mph or higher.  What does this exactly mean for your organization?  It means your business needs a "worst-case" disaster recovery plan that protects your vital records and information and keeps your business running during and after a natural disaster.

Is Your Wide Format Printer Consultant Asking the Right Questions?

Canon Wide Format Printer and PrintStack Professional

There are a handful of office equipment companies out there selling large format printers— Canon, Océ, Ricoh, KIP and Seiko, just to name a few. Whether you are printing technical documents, maps or general larger documents, these companies (and their resellers) claim they can offer you the top wide format printer at the best price. Therefore, one of your first steps may be to look online for reviews and price comparisons.

Buyer's Guide to Choosing the Best Aperture Card Scanner


If you are reading this blog, you are probably thinking about purchasing an aperture card scanner and need a little help. Whether you have a large volume or small volume of aperture cards that need to be digitized, Tameran Graphic Systems wants to help you choose the best aperture card scanning solution that’s the right price for your budget.

7 Facts You Should Know About Microfilm

35 microfilm and aperture cards
  1. Microfilm is an unalterable, eye-readable format that is the most trusted form of document preservation for critical documents. Documents stored on microfilm have a life expectancy of 500 years when stored properly.
  2. There are three main microforms: microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. Microfilm is the most common microform for storing various types and sizes of documents. 
  3. Microfilm is affordable! The cost of recording documents on microfilm is similar to making a copy or print. Storing documents on microfilm is more cost effective over time compared to digital storage. The act of migrating digital data over many years involves recurrent hardware and software upgrades as well as the risk of data degradation and data corruption. Microfilm also costs less to store than paper documents.

5 Simple Resolutions for Better Wide Format Printing in 2013


The New Year is a time for making resolutions and setting goals to improve your life. A few top resolutions on your list might be to save money, simplify your life and be more productive. The Solutions Specialists at Tameran Graphic Systems know businesses using wide format printers might also want to make similar resolutions. By following these easy strategies, your business can improve the efficiency of your wide format printer, simplify your existing workflow and trim labor costs associated with wide format finishing.

7 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Aperture Card Scanning Project

Aperture Card Scanning

Are you beginning an aperture card scanning project and need some advice on how to make it a success? Whether you are a company with a small volume archive or a corporation with a large volume archive, your business needs a well-developed and cost-effective project plan to achieve the best results.

Wide Format Technology Enhances Printing at Department of Transportation

Tameran PrintStack Transportation Blog

The Challenge:

One of the country’s largest transportation agencies sought Tameran’s help to increase the productivity of their wide format printers in their district planning and engineering facilities throughout the state.

Wide Format Folders Improve Auto Manufacturer's Printing Operation

Tameran Printfold Express Blog Auto Manufacturer

The Challenge:

For more than 35 years, Tameran Graphic Systems has been providing organizations with innovative, cost-effective solutions that simplify and improve how technical documents are published, distributed and archived. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of document distribution and preservation solutions, a worldwide automobile manufacturer sought Tameran’s assistance in increasing the capability of their wide format printers throughout their research and development facility. 

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