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Why Fold Wide Format Paper Documents?

Tameran Eases the Challenge of Handling Wide Format Prints

Rolled Engineering DrawingsHave you thought about how your wide format documents impact your business?

What do your engineering documents say about you?

Are your wide format documents slowing down the pace at which you do business?

Wide format printers and copiers generate various sizes of documents that can be difficult to handle in daily use. These engineering and architectural-sized documents range in size from 11" x 17" to 36" x 48". Rolling wide format technical documents for storage and distribution hinders procedures for quick search and distribution. The laborious process of searching through rolls of documents, unrolling to find the title block then rolling and stacking again wastes time and productivity, not to mention wear and tear on the prints that can ensue.

Folded prints are easier to handle, file, transport and use in manuals and books.

By folding wide format prints to sizes similar to standard-sized office documents, they become easier to manage and distribute. Stacks of rolled documents take more storage area in comparison to documents that are precisely folded and either stacked flat or placed in file folders or binders. Folded wide format prints may be combined with other documents for user convenience and easier distribution.

Yet, hand folding engineering or architectural sized documents is time consuming, costly, and requires training to accurately achieve the desired results time after time.

Printfold automated folders quickly, accurately and consistently fold to whatever specifications you require. Whether your documents are folded to fit in a binder, job pouch, file folder or mailed in an envelope, the result is a neat, crisp packet regardless of original document size.

More Productivity, Less Waste in Your Wide Format Print Process

Various Printfold Fold Packets Process improvements and reductions in labor requirements are realized when a Printfold folder is included in the wide format print process. Automated folders limit or eliminate costs associated with hand folding and distributing wide format documents.

Include a Tameran Printfold folder in your wide format print process and you will:

  • improve unattended printing by multiple users
  • improve the capability to print sets of documents
  • improve offloading productivity in a production environment
  • significantly reduce labor costs as compared to manual folding

Distributive printing on lower cost and lower volume printers increases the cost of labor per print as higher paid employees print and fold their own documents.

Understanding the answers to the following questions and the potential reduction in labor through the use of automated folding can mean substantial cost savings and process improvements.

  • Do you send print jobs from your workstations?
  • Do you make sets of prints?
  • Who makes your prints? What percentage of prints are made by clerical staff versus engineers or other professional staff?
  • Who does the folding?
  • How often do you fold your prints?
  • What percentage of your prints require folding?

Wouldn't your time and the time of your associates be better spent on activities that add value to your business?