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Wide Format Flat Sheet Paper Stackers

PrintStack Improves Printing of Engineering and Technical Documents

NEW! PrintStack Professional

NEW! PrintStack Tandem

PrintStack Professional

Who's responsible for collecting documents at your printer?

Are engineers and managers wasting time collecting their prints?

Does your printer keep large, technical documents in order?

Are you able to print and stack sets of documents or do they end up on the floor?

Can you run your wide format printer 

or large format plotter unattended or overnight?

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Collect Wide Format Prints Efficiently and Productively Without Slowing Down Your Printer or Scanner

  • Solve the inadequate offload capability of most wide format digital printers and large format ink jet plotters; eliminate retrieving prints from the bottom of printers or disorganized stacks that eventually end up on the floor
  • Facilitate unattended printing of multi-page print sets
  • Improve online operation from multiple workstations
  • Obtain more productivity from your printers, scanners and personnel
  • Compact units automatically match speed of wide format printer or large format scanner
  • Stackers are adjustable to fit height of printer or scanner 

Contact Tameran for more information or to request a quote on the wide format printer accessory that easily and affordably solves your printer and scanner offload frustrations!