Preparing for the next Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy brings to the forefront an important question of extreme weather as a “new normal”. And, if the dramatic weather patterns the United States (and the world for that matter), have experienced as of late are the “new normal”, then don’t you think your business should be prepared?

Certain industries must retain documents that are critical to their business and infrastructure for anywhere from 10 to 100 years. Some records related to construction, land development, environmental management, long range facility planning, power supplies, water supplies, public works including road and rail, public safety and even corporate management must be kept for life or even permanently.

Disater Preparedness-BasementStorage

Are your documents “securely” stored in a basement library? Are they in boxes or rolled up on shelves in the same building where you do business? Are your digital files all that you are keeping on your internal server or in the “cloud”? Does that seem logical for keeping critical records and your organization running well into the future?

Are you positive that your paper and digital documents are stored properly for the long term? The following list provides six reasons for using a microfilm archive as your long-term document storage solution.


6 Reasons to Microfilm Critical Documents

  1. Information Security – information stored on durable microfilm is accessible for up to 500 years if stored properly and securely; not vulnerable to internal or external hackers as with digital data
  2. Document Integrity – microfilm does not deteriorate with age like paper nor stand the chance of digital data loss through migration or a failure to migrate; microfilm is also not susceptible to outdated software, technological obsolescence or hacking like digital data
  3. Longest Lasting Media – ensures safekeeping longer than any other media
  4. Saves Space – microfilm is convenient and stores easily in a smaller area
  5. Quick Access and Retrieval – roll microfilm is easy to scan into digital form or view by magnifying
  6. Admissible in Court of Law – admissible as evidence in a court of law whether original documents exist or not

Previously, we shared “Common Sense Tips for Document Storage and Disaster Preparedness”. This information is more important than ever in our current world of uncertainty and increased weather adversity. Digital files may be most efficient and convenient for everyday use, but are not fail safe for long term or permanent storage.

Easily integrate microfilm into your document management system- Let us show you how to create a secure and permanent archive.