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Tameran provides 16mm and 35mm microfilming services as well as document and aperture card scanning solutions for storing, printing and archiving documents.  Our more than 45 years of experience brings extraordinary expertise to creating solutions for our customers.

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Our Values

We’ve helped thousands of organizations in more than 25 countries simplify and improve how their technical documents are published, distributed and archived. Our years of experience in microfilming, document scanning and providing aperture card scanning solutions make us a leading outsource service provider.

Utilizing unique systems for preparing docuumets for microfilming we deliver the highest quality microfilm available. 

Simplify & Preserve.
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Quick & Assured Access.

Our customers use document scanning and aperture card scanners to achieve quick access to documents via computers, tablets, smartphones and printers. Many of our customers also require outsource microfilming services to assure access to their documents for years, decades and even centuries to come….”Mark Wise President, Tameran.

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Trust & Experience.

Customers have been trusting us for nearly a half century – and you can too! We are true experts in our field and take great pride in ensuring that our customers receive the very highest quality of service from us whenver they need to store, archive and access their important documentation.


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