C-400 Aperture Card Scanner

C-400 is designed for maximum performance and superior digital images.

C-400 Aperture Card Scanner, ImagePrep software and SmartProject Consulting provide a total package for digitizing your aperture card archives. Quickly capture, edit, organize and index scanned images into any database. Converting your aperture cards has never been this fast or easy.

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An Essential Guide to Choosing the Best Aperture Card Scanner- Use our guide to learn which features are most important to consider before beginning your conversion project.

Convert legacy aperture cards to digital file formats for quick access.

No Capital Investment

Free Project Plan

    • Outsourcing minimizes risk by providing access to experts that have successfully converted legacy files of millions of aperture cards.
    • Great results and cost effective.
    • We help you define your aperture card conversion project.
    • You get professional results quicker.
    • We develop a project workflow to assure objectives are met on time.
    • We provide sample files and validate workflow.
    • You don't need to manage or supervise image processing workers.
    • SmartProject Consulting includes logistics, scanning, indexing, quality assurance and access to your documents throughout the entire conversion process.
Own your own Scanner

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    • Buy a C-400 scanner and start converting legacy documents on aperture cards to digital files for quick access and easy distribution.
    • Set up a project to convert legacy aperture card files over time.
    • Access operator training and key operator procedures.
    • Includes 1 Year Depot Repair Smart Warranty.Optional
    • ImagePrep indexing and image processing software application is available.
    • On-Site Installation and Training Available.
Rent a C-400 Aperture Card Scanner

Choose a Plan

    • No capital budget
    • Use Operating Funds.
    • Rent a C-400 scanner and convert your legacy documents from aperture cards to a digital file format for easy access.
    • Convert your aperture card files over time.
    • Access to operator training and assistance.
    • Includes 1-year Depot Repair Smart Warranty.
    • Optional ImagePrep software is available.
    • On-site installation and training is available.
    • Choose 3, 6 or 12 month rental plan.

Watch the C-400 demo video.

Simple, efficient and automated scanning.

C-400 aperture card scanner is packed with loads of user-friendly features to make your conversion project easy work. With an intuitive operator interface, automated card feed system and lightning fast scanning capabilities, C-400 uses the latest technology to deliver the highest quality images.

Don’t get robbed by a bad scanner.

A lot of companies out there claim they can help you digitize your aperture cards. They offer products like universal scanners, library scanners and even obsolete reader printers. That should be a crime. These machines are too expensive, bulky and offer poor image readability. It’s time to upgrade to a scanner that’s very compact, automated and provides tons of tools for enhancing and indexing images.



What makes C-400 a better fit?

Our goal is to give you an aperture card scanner that could boost productivity, accuracy and image quality. C-400 automatically feeds up to 250 aperture cards and can easily scan 10,000 cards a week. It also has integrated Hollerith code reader technology that captures the index and metadata during the scanning process. This can eliminate the time needed to index scanned images. Say hello to more free time during your workday.

Get exactly what you need right now.
Scan a card in ten seconds to e-mail, print or share

USB connectivity and 138 megapixel technology 

Compatible with Windows 7 Professional (32/64-bit)

Bitonal and greyscale imaging

Adjust images without having to rescan them



Don't struggle to view your aperture card images. Let us show you how to get high resolution images in seconds.
  • High Quality Scanning to Digital Archive or to Print
  • Single Card Feed
  • Scan or Print in Under 10 Seconds
  • 138 Megapixel Imaging Capability
  • Bitonal and Greyscale Imaging
  • Easy User Interface
  • Convenient/Portable


Media Type

MIL, ISO, and DIN Silver aperture cards

Film Types

Silver and Diazo

Card Generation

Odd or Even

Reduction Ratios

7.5x to 40x (variable)

Card Input

Convenience Card Feed: Single Card or Multiple Cards Automatic Hopper Feed: 1-250+ Card Capacity

Hollerith Reading


Image Processing System


Optional Image Processing Software

ImagePrep Plus (1 Year License)

Printing Software

Demand Microfilm Print (DMP)


2 modes with zoom and pan

Drawing Sizes

May be user defined within limits of A to E and A0 to A4

Scaling Accuracy



100-400 dpi

File Format Output



Dual Save Functionality: Allows bitonal and grayscale images to be saved from a single scan of the card

Production Tools

Manual Rotation, Manual Cropping, Manual Deskew, Viewing Facility, Logging File Capability, Framing with Rescan, Framing without Rescan, Reprocess, Check Print Capability, Print Enlarged

Scan Speeds in Cards Per Hour

Drawing Size:

E (34” x 44”) 310 cards (200dpi) 200 cards (400dpi)

D (22” x 34”) 340 cards (200dpi) 240 cards (400dpi)

C (17” x 22”) 404 cards (200dpi) 308 cards (400dpi)

B (11” x 17”) 424 cards (200dpi) 343 cards (400dpi)

A (8.5” x 11”) 456 cards (200dpi) 409 cards (400dpi)



Customer Support

Smart Assist WebEx Online Training and Product Support

Operating System

Windows ® 7 Professional (32 or 64 bit)


Net: 12.8 lb. (5.8 kg)

Shipping: 20 lb. (9.1 kg)


6.7”w x 18.1”d x 8.3”h

170 mm x 460 mm x 210 mm

Shipping Dimensions

13”w x 20.5”d x 11.75”h

330.2 mm x 520.7 mm x 298.5 mm

Power Requirement

110 Vac ± 5% (60 Hz)

Electrical Receptacle

NEMA 5-15R


60°F to 80°F (15°C to 27°C)

40% to 60% R.H.




Customer Support

Smart Assist WebEx Online Training and Product Support
Free Download: C400 Brochure


Make your conversion project a success.

Our ultra-fast, high-resolution scanning technologies give you the power to access and share your technical documents anywhere, anytime-on the go, in the cloud or on the Web. Whether you need to convert one aperture card at a time or thousands, we have the best scanning solutions, services and support to fit your needs.

Get this brochure and learn about the following:

 Scanner overview, advanced features and tools

 ImagePrep enhancement and indexing software

 One-stop Tameran SmartAssist support

SmartWarranty extended coverage plan

Tameran SmartWarranty is an extended protection plan for software and hardware solutions. Keep your product running smoothly and protect it from expensive time and material repairs. By continuing the protection you had during the original warranty period, you will receive expert service and support straight from us.

 One-stop support directly from Tameran

 Tameran hardware coverage

 Software support and updates

 Convenient phone and e-mail support

 Depot repair of any equipment failures

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SmartAssist training and support

Tameran SmartAssist is additional training and product support you can purchase for Tameran software and hardware solutions. This includes onsite or Web-based training and product support for your specific application.

Whether additional training is needed right after installation, when personnel changes are made or when you have a snag in operations, our experts are ready to assist with your software and equipment needs.

 Onsite or Web-based training and product support

 One stop assistance from Tameran experts

 Wide range of offerings for businesses of any size

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The right tools to assure your success.

C-400, ImagePrep and SmartProject Consulting are the best tools to convert your aperture cards and easily access and share digital files that are as good or better than your original images.



We can help you manage your project.

Whether you are beginning a small conversion project or integrating an entire library of documents into your document workflow, we’re ready to help. SmartProject Consulting provides you with the best tools to complete any conversion project. Our experts specialize in developing innovative, customized solutions for document imaging, distribution and preservation.

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The ImagePrep solution.

With ImagePrep, your entire scanning experience gets a whole lot better. Quickly rotate, deskew, despeckle, cut, crop, scale, invert, mirror, stamp and watermark an entire image or specific sections. Our document imaging software also allows you to organize and index images for easy access, sharing and storage. It’s that simple.

Learn More About ImagePrep




One-stop training, service and support.

Get professional installation, training and support directly from our team of experts. We know your products better than anyone else, and we’re here to help whenever you need it.

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