Microfilm-The Best Way to Preserve Documents

Microfilm is the best way to preserve documents.


Microfilm has been the most cost-effective, safe and durable method for preserving your documents throughout the ages. Document security shouldn’t be an after thought. It should be your first thought.

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Do you feel like there’s been an explosion of documents at your office?


There’s no doubt more data is being created, shared and stored than ever before thanks to digital technology. Any type of document can be generated using a multitude of devices including personal computers, mobile phones and tablets. More data creates a stronger need need for protection, security and preservation of documents that are important to an organization. Are you using the correct document strategy to safeguard your critical documents?

Document storage isn’t document preservation.

Over the years, documents have been stored in various formats. You may store documents you are currently working with on a flash drive, thumb drive or in the cloud, but would you want to preserve your documents that way? Consider the readability or accessibility of documents preserved on perforated tape, magnetic tape, floppy disks or in file formats that no longer have software to interpret. CDs and DVDs will even soon be obsolete. The newest computers don’t often even provide for use of CDs or DVDs.

What will it cost your organization if you can't find and access your records? Learn everything you need to know about safely and permanently archiving your records.

What is true document preservation?


True document preservation, whether for government, utilities, manufacturers or other organizations, is not in the cloud or on a CD, USB flash drive or back-up server. Although digital records are most efficient for everyday access, electronic storage is not the answer for protecting information for the long term. Some records related to construction, land development, environmental management, facility planning, utilities and public works need to be preserved for a very long time or even permanently. What happens if and when these records are lost or not available due to a digital technology failure?

Preservation needs to be in an analog form that is:


Technology Independent

Self-sustaining without need for constant migration

Not vulnerable to hacking or decay

Easily accessed – human readable and easily convertible to digital format for access and distribution

Easily integrate microfilm into your document management system- Let us show you how to create a secure and permanent archive.

There are many advantages of microfilm.

Microfilm has a longer life cycle(500 years) than paper(100 years).


Microfilm costs less than a paper copy.



Microfilm requires less than one percent of the storage space that paper documents require. Less storage space means lower storage costs.


Microfilm eliminates worries about data loss, migration issues, hacking and natural disasters.

What are you waiting for?- Create your permanent archive today. Get a free sample roll of microfilm.

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