City of Savannah Reduces Costs for Imaging Architectural Plans by 60% with Help from Tameran

Fulfilling Archive Obligations with New Imaging Technology

The State of Georgia has a mandate for microfilming architectural plans for city building permits. For years, in order to comply with the requirement, the City of Savannah had used a microfilm service provider who filmed each paper drawing using a traditional planetary camera. Furthermore, they were creating microfilm aperture cards and backing them up with duplicate microfilm rolls.

Recently, in addition to maintaining a microfilm archive of the documents, the city wanted digital access to the construction drawings. Tameran suggested its hybrid approach which included scanning the drawings for easy, every-day usage and at the same time plotting the digital images to 35mm microfilm to comply with the necessity for a long-life document archive.

Tameran's technology provided a faster, easier and higher quality method for maintaining a digital and microfilm archive of the architectural plans submitted on paper for the City of Savannah. By scanning the drawings with the most current equipment and imaging software, the resulting images are higher in quality and can be directly plotted to the archive microfilm--all within the walls of the Tameran Graphic Systems service bureau. The change in technology and streamlined method provided a 60% decrease in costs for the city compared to previous years with the benefit of receiving digital files for instant access as well as the required microfilm archive.​

Tameran's history and expertise in document conversion and preservation make us uniquely qualified to assist our customers with building their digital and microfilm archives, reducing internal costs and helping them obtain images that can be used now and well into the future. For more information on Tameran's Document Imaging Services, go here or contact us today.

Tameran Services Used:

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Microfilm Plotting Service

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