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Need help? Our customer support offers a range of services and resources to ensure you have minimal downtime. Fill out the form and we’ll connect you to an expert. You can also call us at 866-502-5825 or e-mail us at

  • Onsite installation and training
  • Full service maintenance agreements
  • Depot repair services
  • SmartAssist Training

Onsite installation and training

Tameran offers SmartAssist onsite installation and initial training for most of its equipment and software. Tameran solution specialists, with the assistance of local field support associates, perform onsite installation and initial training to ensure that your solution gets started right.

Full service maintenance agreements

Tameran provides full service SmartService maintenance, SmartWarranty protection and SmartAssist training and support plans on equipment.



Onsite training and application support

Time based onsite training and support

Time based phone training and support

Web-based training and support

Integrated software and hardware help



Comprehensive service package

Tune-up to increase performance

 One-year Tameran SmartWarranty

Maintenance from Tameran experts



Tameran hardware coverage

One-stop technical support

Software support and updates

Folder or stacker on site service

Scanner depot repair or exchange

Complimentary inspection and tune-up

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