Tameran Designs Custom Solution for Standardizing Multiple Aperture Card Libraries

Tameran Unifies Disparate Archive Libraries Resulting from Business Acquisitions

After acquiring multiple companies, a global leader in the production and sale of agricultural and construction vehicles found itself with several microfilm aperture card libraries—each with differing numbering and indexing systems. This conglomerate was looking to digitize their 3.5 million legacy part drawings archived on microfilm aperture cards and standardize their part numbering classification in order to load into one document management system. After evaluating scanners and outsource services, they put their trust in Tameran to assist with deciphering and organizing their inherited archive.

Tameran scanned each card, read the Hollerith code and re-mapped the data using a customized conversion process that included our ImagePrep image processing software and vivacé document distribution software. The disparate systems were successfully combined into one coherent parts library. After loading into their document management system, this international capital goods producer now has a speedy way to easily find whatever replacement part is needed to fulfill customer requests.

Tameran's history and expertise in document conversion and microfilm preservation make us uniquely qualified to assist our customers with building their digital and microfilm archives, reducing internal costs and helping them obtain images that can be used now and well into the future. For more information on Tameran's Document Imaging Services, go here or contact us today.

Tameran Products and Services Used:

ImagePrep Software                         

vivacé Software                         

Aperture Card Scanning Services

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