Microfilm-Preservation Do. Understand a digital archive is not document preservation.

Maintaining a digital archive of company records is made easier everyday with a variety of cost-effective, on-site and cloud storage solutions, but a digital document archive is not document preservation. While digital archives can provide the ability to have quick access and low cost storage of documents, they inherently lack the attributes associated with preservation of a document.

Don’t. Think the cloud is the best place to store your long-term archived data.


Are you storing all of your important documents and files in the cloud? If so, you are facing a lot of potential problems out of your direct control. Organizations need to understand that their cloud service might be vulnerable to hackers, they might not receive on-site IT support, data might be mined for marketing and privacy protections might be omitted from agreements.

Do. Understand the difference between everyday and long-term archiving.

Digital records are best for everyday access, yet electronic storage is not the answer for protecting information for the long term. Microfilm is the most-effective, safe and durable method for storing your documents through the ages. Our hybrid approach to document archiving gives you instant access to your files plus a secure, long-term archive.

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Don’t. Store your archived documents at your office.


Are your documents “securely” stored in a basement library? Are they in boxes or rolled up on shelves in the same building where you do business?

Duplicate your documents, archive them on microfilm and store them in an accessible, off-site location. Make sure your storage plan is in compliant with local, state and federal regulations, and test your recovery plan once or twice a year.

Do. Establish a clear plan to digitize everyday documents and also protect them on microfilm.

Capturing documents in a common digital form makes them easier to store and distribute. Preserving them on microfilm guarantees the safest, most durable and permanent archive. This will help your organization increase productivity, reduce operating costs, stay in compliance with government agencies and create a long-term archive of your documents.

Don’t. Try to start your project without expert help.


Whether you are beginning a small conversion project or integrating an entire library of documents into your document workflow, we’re ready to help. SmartProject Consulting provides you with the best tools to complete any conversion project. Our experts specialize in developing innovative, customized solutions for document imaging, distribution and preservation.

What will it cost your organization if you can't find or access your records? Let us show you how our document imaging services will efficiently convert and preserve your business documents.