1. Take it easy on the operator


Improve operator functionality and productivity by allowing PrintStack to handle your wide format printing load. Most prints exiting a wide format printer or scanner end up on the floor due to print offload location or inefficient offload capacity. Eliminate bending down to retrieve prints or copies from the floor with PrintStack Professional. Prints exit the printer in a neat, flat stack at waist-high level.

2. Send jobs from multiple user workstations


Enhance online productivity by increasing the load that can be handled by a printer or scanner that can run unattended. Multiple wide format printing jobs can be run back to back, allowing users to retrieve prints at their convenience.

3. Print and stack multi-page print sets and various-sized documents without concern


Print multiple collated sets or prints in sequence without having them spill out of order after exiting the printer.

4. Run printers continuously or even overnight


PrintStack handles large print jobs; up to 600 sheets at a time. Prints can be retrieved at the user’s convenience or the next morning.

5. Add versatility to your wide format finishing solution


One model can work with your current and future printer or scanner. PrintStack automatically matches the speed of most scanners and plotters without the need for a mechanical or electronic connection.

Your printer could be costing you tons of money in labor and time. Trim printing costs with a wide format paper stacker