What comes to mind when you think of the ideal wide format printer? You probably want an affordable printer that’s compact to save on space, offers front loading and holds more than one media type to print a variety of projects. You also probably want a printer that works efficiently in different office environments and organizes your prints.

New printers and wide format paper stacking and folding solutions are doing just that. Lower cost inkjet print speeds are increasing, and manufacturers are selling printers that are configured for more productive printing. There are also a variety of solutions that automatically stack and fold prints into packets to use, file, distribute or put in a binder. Be productive and reduce costs associated with wide format printing.


Compact HP Designjet Wide Format Printing System

The HP Designjet T7100 is a compact printer that allows users to quickly load up to three paper rolls. This makes it easy to switch between paper sizes and print different projects on the fly. A paper stacker and folder can also be added to enhance productivity. For example, Tameran PrintStack Professional can easily stack up to 500 technical prints. Say goodbye to disorganized stacks of prints in a catch basket or on the floor. Tameran Printfold Butterfly folder will also speed up the printing process and reduce labor costs by precisely folding prints into packets that are easy to distribute.


Flexible and Convenient

Another new wide format printer packaged for productivity is the HP Designjet T1500. Users are able to load two paper rolls and print and stack up to fifty pages that are easy to retrieve in front of the printer. You can print from any workstation, smartphone or tablet. The Printfold Express, a freestanding automated folder, can also be added to increase efficiency and deliver folded print packets ready for distribution.

The new HP Designjet T2500 is a compact printer that scans, prints and copies technical documents. Users are able to load two paper rolls and scan, print, copy and stack printing jobs. You can quickly print from any workstation, smartphone or tablet. The Printfold Express also supports output from this printer and multiple large format xerographic/LED or ink jet printers at the same time.

Affordable stacking and folding solutions are available today for  HP, Canon, Epson, Ricoh, Seiko and KIP wide format printers.

Need help? Contact Tameran to learn how our wide format stackers and folders can improve the productivity of your printer.