Image Processing

There’s a lot more to document conversion than just scanning. Let ImagePrep document imaging softwar

ImagePrep document image processing software improves the quality and usability of your digital images. It transforms the way you collect and process documents and related data for storing, accessing and distributing information.

Improve the quality and usability of your digital images.

Auto Image Processing Tools-With ImagePrep, it’s super easy to automatically load, view and edit large batches of images. Lots of imaging software forces you to individually open images. That’s a huge waste of your time.

Data Processing Tools-Quickly index files, add metadata and distribute them in a variety of formats. Our Data Acquisition Tool gives you the power to select specific fields of information you need to import and automatically import the data. That saves you a ton of time.

Automation Tools-You can even create custom, automated workflows to streamline image and data processing. It’s a smarter and quicker way to edit, organize, index and load images into any database.

Turbocharge your digital images.

Rapid Image Loader/Viewer-Most imaging software requires you to individually open and view files. That wastes a whole lot of time during the day. ImagePrep speeds up your workflow by automatically loading and opening batches of images.

Powerful Editing Toolkit-Quickly crop, size, de-speckle, de-skew, auto-cut and customize image resolution in seconds. It’s high-performance imaging technology to help you get work done as efficiently as possible.

Intuitive Data Indexing-Chances are you want your files indexed in a way that makes sense. File names such as 001, 002 and 003 can get confusing. ImagePrep allows you to manually or automatically rename images based upon the root name or a sequence that’s very easy to remember.

Automated toolkit for high productivity.

Workflow Designer-Create custom conversion workflows for your projects with an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface. Easily streamline image and data processing to a group of documents or a specific directory.

Automated Workflow Processing-It’s the ultimate quality control solution that lets you automatically run your custom workflows. Just sit back and relax while your images are edited, sorted and filed right where you need them.