Meeting State Microfilm Standards

Tameran Archive Services Ensure Customers Comply with Microfilm Standards

An Eastern New York supplier of document imaging services and electronic records management solutions contracted with several municipalities within New York State to provide a digital database of “as built” construction drawings as well as a microfilm archive of the drawings on 35mm roll microfilm. A stipulation of the municipalities was that all microfilm had to be certified by an independent auditor to authorize that it met New York State established microfilm standards.

The conversion service organization scanned the “as built” drawings, compiled the metadata for the digital database and sent it to a partner for microfilm processing and creation. However, the resulting film did not meet the standards outlined by New York State.

Partnering with Tameran to Solve Customer Problems

Tameran Graphic Systems, one of two organizations in North America recognized as being able to meet the New York State microfilm standards, was recommended as a trusted microfilm source and consequently contacted to complete the 35mm microfilming project.

By supplying our 35mm Microfilm Roll Composer software, the original service provider was able to build “virtual” microfilm rolls of the drawing images including the state required metadata. The composed “virtual” microfilm rolls were then sent to Tameran for processing and plotting onto archive standard 35mm microfilm. Not only was the resulting microfilm approved by the auditor, but the project was completed on time and within budget thus opening the path to further partnered endeavors.

Tameran's expertise in micrographics and continued dedication to the advantages of long-term microfilm preservation make us uniquely qualified to assist other document imaging service bureaus and professionals expand their offerings, support their sales staff, reduce internal costs and obtain new business. For more information on the benefits of working with Tameran, go here or contact us today.

Tameran Products and Services Used:

Microfilm Roll Composer Software

Microfilm Plotting and Processing Services  

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