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Tameran’s Microfilm Archive Production Services are the superior way to produce high-quality microfilm images of paper and digital documents. For forty years, we’ve helped organizations develop highly-efficient microfilm production systems and safeguard their business critical records.

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Why is microfilm the best way to preserve your documents? Learn why it's the most reliable preservation method.



Outsourcing your microfilm production eliminates a whole lot of headaches. Our microfilm services will help you.

Headache one: It’s very expensive to buy or replace microfilm cameras and processors.

Headache two: The annual costs of equipment maintenance are eating a hole in your budget.

Headache three: Dirty and stinky chemicals create a dangerous office environment.

Headache four: Personnel that only specialize in microfilm technology doesn’t fit your modern staffing needs.

You are in control of the entire process. We’re here to help you from start to finish.


Tameran will help you transform your inefficient microfilm production operation into a highly-efficient workflow. We’ll help you decrease document preservation costs and eliminate the problems associated with maintaining equipment and working with chemicals.

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Six Steps to Preserving Documents on Microfilm Learn how to preserve your documents using digital technology.

Follow these six steps to create the perfect microfilm archive using digital technology.

Step 1. Digital documents are converted to .TIFF using a file conversion program. Analog documents are converted using scanning technologies. This can be performed by an internal department or Tameran.


Step 2. Meta Data is added to files using Tameran’s ImagePrep or other image processing and indexing application. This can be performed by an internal department or Tameran.


Step 3. Microfilm is digitally composed using Tameran’s Microfilm Roll Composer. This can be performed by an internal department or Tameran.


Step 4. Microfilm is recorded using Tameran’s high resolution 16mm and 35mm digital cameras at our archive center. This step is performed by Tameran.


Step 5. Microfilm archive is packaged at our archive center.


Step 6. Microfilm archive is stored in a proper storage facility. This can be done by a government department or one of Tameran’s storage partners.


We make microfilm archiving more affordable and convenient, and we give our customers the highest-quality images. It’s that simple.

We’ll give you the latest tools and expert help to assure your documents are properly preserved. Also, we’ll eliminate the frustrations associated with purchasing expensive equipment, maintaining it and handling chemicals in your office.

What are you waiting for?- Create your permanent archive today. Get a free sample roll of microfilm.

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