Supercharge the growth of your business as a Tameran Microfilm Archiving Partner.

Partner with us and expand your document archiving services. Create a steady source of sustainable revenue and drive your business towards success. We want to help you grow your business by helping you offer different solutions than your competitors and expand your offering.

Become a Tameran Microfilm Partner

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Partner with us. Grow your business.

At Tameran Graphic Systems, we’re here to help you drive your business forward. Our Microfilm Archiving Partner Program is designed to help you expand the services you offer to your customers by safeguarding and permanently archiving their paper and digital business records.


Protect your customers’ documents.

Document security might not be the first thing your customers think about when running their businesses. They’re usually pretty busy with day-to-day tasks. The first thing you should think about is offering them a solution that will protect their business critical documents. That’s where microfilm comes into play. It’s the safest, most secure way to help your customers safeguard their documents.

Become a Tameran Microfilm Partner. It’s a business growth strategy that works.

Like any trustworthy partnership, you’ll receive the best document preservation services, resources and support along every step of the way. We’re proud our customers and partners have turned to us for forty years.


Grow your business.

Quit worrying where your next lead will come from. Tameran’s Microfilm Archiving Partner Program will help you reach customers and retain them long-term, generating more revenue.


Control your costs.

There’s no need to worry about investing in internal resources or labor. We’ll take care of that and provide you with the right tools and services to control your costs.

Tameran Microfilm Partnership

You are the boss.

We’ve designed a program that lets you offer document archiving services to your clients and control the process. We’re here to help you get started and work closely with you every step of the way.

How does the partner program work?

There are two easy options to help your customers create a microfilm archive.


1. You prepare the documents by scanning and cleaning them up with ImagePrep document imaging software (or your own software). Then digitally compose a roll of microfilm using our Microfilm Roll Composer software. Once you are ready to have one or more microfilm rolls made from these virtual rolls, you create a job that electronically transmits to Tameran for processing.


2. Send us your digital, paper and microfilm documents. We’ll convert and index them on a virtual roll of microfilm. Then we’ll record the virtual roll onto archive microfilm.

Wondering where your next lead will come from? Sign up for a one-on-one webinar and learn how to grow your business.

Resources to make archiving super easy.

From software and training to guides and brochures, we have everything you need to learn, do or reference for your archiving project. Also, get in touch with Solutions Specialists when you need assistance or expert advice. Our partnership means you get the best support and advice available.





A legacy of successful partner solutions.

We’re here to build a relationship with you and help you serve your customers. We’ve been around for forty years, and we’ve helped thousands of organizations in twenty-five countries simplify and improve how their technical documents are published, distributed and archived. Our years of experience in micrographics and document imaging makes us the leading service partner and provider.

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