Microfilm Roll Composer
Take advantage of Tameran’s powerful tools to create your
microfilm archive.
Compile digital document files and metadata into jobs for recording on reference archive microfilm with Microfilm Roll Composer.

Create and preview a virtual roll of microfilm on your computer.

Then, securely transfer it to us and we’ll do the microfilming.

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Why Microfilm Roll Composer?

it gives you the highest-resolution and most accurate digital imaging files and metadata to create your microfilm archive.

Roll Composer provides the great range of benefits listed below.

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More affordable microfilming
.Through roll composition choices you control, more images can be fit on the film – producing less rolls of film.
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Instant access to images
Index and metadata recorded on the film is accessible for search and can be converted back to digital data if needed.
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Choose between 16mm and 35mm microfilm
Obtain accurate resolution for wide format and technical documents.
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Contact us for a free download of Microfilm Roll Composer.
We’ll send you a free download so that you can see for yourself just how our Microfilm Roll Composer can benefit your business.
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4 Easy Steps To Creating Your Microfilm Archive
Prepare digital images with ImagePrep
Document files are first prepared with ImagePrep software before using Roll Microfilm Composer. Quickly clean up, edit, convert and prepare files using ImagePrep’s automated workflow tools.
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Set custom image parameters
Set custom parameters for frame size, reduction ratios, indexing, image marks and more. This level of customisation gives you ultimate flexibility and options so you can achieve your exact specifications.
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Digitally compose and preview film

Digitally Compose a virtual roll of 16mm or 35 mm microfilm. You’ll be able to customize the layout of your images, change image order, set frame configurations, add roll numbers and more. Then you can see a high resolution preview of your documents. it automatically calculates and displays the amount of microfilm used.

microfilm step 3 - Microfilm Roll Composer
Transfer the virtual microfilm file to Tameran
A completed roll composition is saved as an encrypted file. Once you are ready to have one or more microfilm rolls made from these virtual rolls, you create a job that electronically transmits the roll files to Tameran for microfilming, using one of our 16mm or 35mm Archive Writers. This completes our simple 4-Step process.
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