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Get fast access to legacy documents.

Our microfilm scanning and conversion services give you the power to quickly convert your microfilm documents into a common, high quality digital format. This means they will be ready when and where you need them.

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Why digitize your microfilm?

You probably don’t want to spend your day sifting through old reels of microfilm for that one important piece of information. Capturing documents in a digital file format like .pdf or .tiff makes them easier to access and distribute. They’ll be instantly available on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Boost productivity at your office

Reduce operating costs

Quickly collaborate with co-workers

Easily send files to external suppliers and customers

Cost-Effective Tips for Properly Digitizing Your Records- Learn how to get accurate data into your existing workflow.


Partner with a true expert.

A lot of companies claim they can help you digitize your microfilm, but oftentimes your project never gets finished because these people didn’t really understand the entire scope of your project. Our goal is to listen to what you’d like to accomplish and then provide a customized solution that truly fits your needs and budget.

Our approach is better.

Scanning isn’t everything. It’s just the first step in properly digitizing images, even though many of our competitors think it’s the first, last and only step. As a former manufacturing company, we know how to develop complete production processes to get jobs done right the first time. Our team of experts design custom conversion project workflows to process, organize and index your documents any way you want.


Get the most legible images and accurate information.

Our scanning bureau utilizes state of the art production scanning equipment and powerful image processing tools to deliver high-resolution images. Suddenly, everything will look a whole lot clearer. No more guessing numbers or letters.

Do it right the first time.

Our microfilm scanning services produce scans as good or better than your original images, and your data input will be accurate and ready to integrate with your existing workflow.

Multiple levels of quality assurance and control

Match indexing data with external databases

Key stroking double-keyed for 100% accuracy

Work done by specialists at our US headquarters

Secure access to your documents during conversion

Timely turnaround and same-day service if necessary


Access your documents anytime while we convert them.

Your documents are available to access anytime during the conversion process. Just contact us and we’ll send them to you via secure access.

We can help you manage your project.

Whether you are beginning a small conversion project or integrating an entire library of microfilm into your document workflow, we’re ready to help. SmartProject Consulting provides you with the best tools to complete any conversion project. Our experts specialize in developing innovative, customized solutions and workflows for digitizing your microfilm.

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Want your conversion project done right the first time? We want to help you digitize your microfilm easier and faster than ever before. Let us show you how to get high resolution images right now.

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One-stop training, service and support.

Get the best service and support from our team of experts. We’ve been in business for more than forty years, and we understand what’s truly involved with the process of scanning your microfilm.


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