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We offer a range of services to suit your microfilming needs.

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What is Microfilm?

Microfilm is the most cost-effective, safe and durable method for preserving your documents for the ages. Document security shouldn’t be an after thought. It should be a key records management strategy.

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Outsource Your Archive Microfilming

It’s time to outsource your microfilming archive production. It is the superior way to produce high-quality microfilm images of paper and digital documents.

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Microfilm Roll Composer

Take advantage of powerful tools to create your microfilm archive. Compile digital document files and metadata into jobs for recording on reference archive microfilm with Microfilm Roll Composer.

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Microfilm Partner Program

Grow your business as a Tameran Microfilm Archiving Partner and expand your document management services business. Use our microfilming expertise to provide your customers the benefit of a long term microfilm archive.

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9 Common Misconceptions About Microfilm

We’re rejecting the microfilm fiction. You should too. It’s time to get informed.

For decades, microfilm was used as an easy way to store and distribute documents within an organization or to multiple suppliers and vendors. It was also used as a controlled source in best of practice records management for document preservation. Today there are many misunderstandings about microfilm and its role in our digital world. Tameran has compiled a list of nine common misconceptions about microfilm and presents information to dispel these myths…

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