Plotter Output Paper MessHave you ever sent a printing project to your large format printer only to find a messy, jumbled heap of paper on the floor? Have you ever wondered why your print sets curl up like a pile of burritos in the printer catch basket? Did you ever have to reprint a drawing or document because you were embarrassed to hand it off to a coworker or present it to a client?

The Essential Wide Format Printer Accessory Buyers Guide – Download your free copy to learn about a variety of print finishing solutions that will streamline your printing workflow.


Most large format printers don’t provide a good solution for stacking and collecting documents. They might print fast and have impressive image quality, but they fail terribly at helping you organize and manage your prints once they exit the printer. This means you either have to grab each print as it comes out or pick up messy piles of paper off the ground. (You can see examples of this in an earlier Tameran post that pointed out wide format printer offloading problems.) Either way, it’s a huge waste of your time. And worse yet, the prints might be damaged and require reprinting (at additional cost) to be usable and look professional.

Oversize prints are a pain to handle, fold by hand and distribute. We have print finishing solutions to help you manage prints.


Over the years we’ve heard from a lot of users of wide format printers that they’re frustrated with their printer’s insufficient catch basket or lack of offload capacity whatsoever. Some printer manufacturers sell finishing options, but a lot take your money and hope the problem silently goes away. That’s why Tameran Graphic Systems has engineered a variety of print finishing solutions. Our print stackers and paper folders work with almost every type of wide format xerographic printer or large format inkjet printer to stack and fold your large, technical documents. Our automated stacking and folding solutions handle large drawings, maps, plans, blueprints and other technical documents.

Presenting your ideas and work in a professional manner and storing your documents in an organized way is important for you and your business. Automated online folders will quickly and precisely fold large documents as they exit your printer into a variety of fold patterns to fit any filing system. An offline folder is also available as a standalone unit for hand feeding documents from a variety of wide format printers. Our wide format stackers and folders automatically finish your prints with ease.


Dont be fooled by the competition.

Some printer manufacturers also sell print finishing options, but they are only compatible with their individual brand and oftentimes a specific printer model. Most Tameran PrintStack and Printfold models are printer independent. That means they can be integrated with your current printer and in the future when you purchase a new printer.

Three simple steps to supercharge your printing process.


  1. Print: Print your technical documents on a variety of printers: Canon, Xerox, Seiko, HP, Océ, Ricoh and more.
  2. Stack: Solve the poor offload capability of most large format printers and neatly stack prints or scanned originals.
  3. Fold: Automatically fold your prints into a variety of fold packets that are easy to manage, file, mail and distribute.

The Essential Wide Format Printer Accessory Buyers Guide – Download your free copy. Get the facts about a variety of print finishing solutions available