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Why ImagePrep?

ImagePrep is high-performance software designed to improve the quality and usability of your digital images.

Auto Image Processing Tools-With ImagePrep, it’s super easy to automatically load, view and edit large batches of images. Lots of imaging software forces you to individually open images. That’s a huge waste of your time.

Data Processing Tools-Quickly index files, add metadata and distribute them in a variety of formats. Our Data Acquisition Tool gives you the power to select specific fields of information you need to import and automatically import the data. That saves you a ton of time.

Automation Tools-You can even create custom, automated workflows to streamline image and data processing. It’s a smarter and quicker way to edit, organize, index and load images into any database.

Turbocharge your digital images

Rapid Image Loader/Viewer-Most imaging software requires you to individually open and view files. That wastes a whole lot of time during the day. ImagePrep speeds up your workflow by automatically loading and opening batches of images.

Powerful Editing Toolkit-Quickly crop, size, de-speckle, de-skew, auto-cut and customize image resolution in seconds. It’s high-performance imaging technology to help you get work done as efficiently as possible.

Intuitive Data Indexing-Chances are you want your files indexed in a way that makes sense. File names such as 001, 002 and 003 can get confusing. ImagePrep allows you to manually or automatically rename images based upon the root name or a sequence that’s very easy to remember.


Automated toolkit for high productivity

Workflow Designer-Create custom conversion workflows for your projects with an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface. Easily streamline image and data processing to a group of documents or a specific directory.

Automated Workflow Processing-It’s the ultimate quality control solution that lets you automatically run your custom workflows. Just sit back and relax while your images are edited, sorted and files right where you need them.

ImagePrep Document Imaging Software


Need to capture, clean up, convert and index your images?

ImagePrep gives you the best tools to quickly edit, convert and combine metadata from a variety of sources. Most imaging software requires you to individually open and view files. That wastes a lot of your time. ImagePrep speeds up your workflow by automatically loading and viewing batches of images. Then you can quickly crop, size, de-speckle and de-skew them. You can even create custom, automated workflows to streamline image and data processing.

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ImagePrep Plus

Want an easy, automated solution to speed up your data processing?

Get everything in ImagePrep and use Workflow Designer and Automated Workflow Processing to design automated workflows for processing documents as a group or in a specific directory. Just a click of your mouse allows you to sit back and relax while your images are edited, named, sorted and filed right where you need them.

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ImagePrep Ultra

Need to combine digital files, paper and microforms into one format?

Get everything in ImagePrep Plus and receive additional tools for advanced file format conversion and processing. Quickly convert various file formats such as DWG, DWF, DXF, HPGL, CGM, C4 into raster formats such as TIFF, PDF, CALS, JPEG or PNG.

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ImagePrep Max

Is it tough to share your images and metadata because it’s stored in different formats and in multiple databases?

Get everything in ImagePrep Ultra and be able to automatically receive index or metadata from different sources for sharing images in a standardized form that can be easily managed and distributed where you need it.

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ImagePrep Universal

Is it difficult for you to convert multiple file formats into whatever the end user needs?

Get everything in ImagePrep Max plus the ability to convert data from multiple sources and formats to whatever format the end user needs. XML files can also be generated for input to any database.  Schema Processor also seamlessly communicates data between internal and external users.

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Free Guide: 

Choosing the Right Version of ImagePrep


Enhance, Organize, Index and Automate the Process of Document Imaging

Scanning a document is just the first step in properly digitizing images. In order to effectively utilize images, you need the best quality images that are easy to read and properly indexed. ImagePrep is the perfect way to process and organize your documents any way you want.

Get this guide and learn about the following:

 Which version of ImagePrep fits your needs?

 Scanning a document isn’t the only thing to consider

 How to improve workflow with auto processing tools

 Tips to save time by only capturing essential data

 Speed up image editing and processing time



Onsite training and support

Phone training and support

Web-based training and support

Software and hardware assistance

One-stop technical support

Onsite installation and training.

Tameran offers SmartAssist onsite installation and initial training for most of its equipment and software. Tameran solution specialists, with the assistance of local field support associates, perform onsite installation and initial training to ensure that your solution gets started right.

Q: What information do I need prior to calling Tameran Customer Support?

A: Please have the following information available when contacting Tameran Customer Support with a service question or request:

  • Equipment type (brand, model)
  • Equipment serial number
  • Software name and version
  • Physical address of the equipment
  • Detailed description of any errors or what the operator was doing when the error occurred
  • Contact information

Q: Where can I find the serial number for my equipment?

A: It varies per product:

  • For aperture card scanners – serial number can be found on the rear of the machine
  • For wide format paper folders – serial number can be found under the bridge on the right side of the machine
  • For wide format paper stackers – serial number can be found on the front of the transport assembly

Q: Does my software have a serial number? If so, where can I find it?

A: Only the ImagePrep Series has a serial number. It can be found on the dongle key fob.

Q: How do I know if I have a maintenance agreement with Tameran?

A: Contact Tameran at either 866-502-5825, or email us at support@tameran.com.

Q: My QuickScan or C-Series Aperture Card Scanner will not power on.

A: The QuickScan or C-Series scanners power on only after you have started the QuickScan or C-Series software.

For any other questions that were not answered on this page, please contact Tameran Customer Support at 866-502-5825.

For immediate Technical Support questions, please contact us:

Phone: 866-502-5825

E-mail: support@tameran.com

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