Stacker and Folders for OKI Teriostar Printers

Productivity solutions that enhance OKI Teriostar printers.

Three simple steps will supercharge your scanning, printing and copying process.


OKI Teriostar Wide Format Printing and Scanning Systems

    • OKI Teriostar LP-2050-MF
    • OKI Teriostar LP-2050


Using one of these OKI Teriostar Printing Systems is the first step in enhancing the way you use technical documents to keep your business moving. When combined with stacking and folding systems they will increase productivity and help transform your business.

When upgrading your wide format imaging system don’t forget to add stacking and folding systems and improve your entire technical document communication system.

Take the next step and complete your OKI Teriostar Wide Format Imaging system by adding a stacker and folder from Tameran.

Streamlining your technical document distribution will transform your opearations.
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PrintStack Professional

OKI Teriostar LP-2050-MF

OKI Teriostar LP-2050

Adding a Printstack Professional to your OKI Teriostar Printing System is a simple way to streamline your entire printing process.

PrintStack-pro_for_web Use your desktop, tablet or smartphone to print multi-page sets of documents .and efficiently stack them without concern about the capacity or location of various catch trays.

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Printstack Tandem
Tameran-PrintStack-Tandem-wide-format-stackerThe Printstack Tandem is an innovative wide format stacking solution for OKI Teriostar LP-2050-MF. This stacker automatically stacks your originals, copies and prints .  This highly productive stacker will eliminate the problem of users handling large document originals and copies at the same time. Learn More About Prinstack Tandem

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Folding Solution

GeraFold 212 

GeraFold 212 is automated walk-up folder that will quickly fold your wide format prints on demand. An optional paper trimmer is also available withe these folders.


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