Tameran Graphic Systems, Inc., unveils five new Gera automated offline and online large format paper folders that improve the capability of any large format printer. The expanded selection of Gera folders provides solutions for a wider variety of applications and office environments where engineering documents are printed.


Tameran Graphic Systems, Inc., exclusive North American distributor for Gera, announces the expansion of its line of wide format paper folders with five new automated offline and online folders. Four new offline models and one new online model creates folded, manageable packets from large, technical documents printed on almost any wide format xerographic or ink jet printer. The expanded selection of Gera folders provides folding solutions for a wider variety of office environments including a new low-cost, offline desktop model and a faster offline production folder featuring a larger feed table and manual paper trimmer. New online versions designed for use with Hewlett Packard and Ricoh large format printers are also available.

Gera introduces automated large document offline folding to even the smallest of professional offices with the new GeraFold 206 desktop model. Automated folding of large documents is now more convenient and affordable, especially for environments where space is limited.

The GeraFold 212 is a compact, standalone unit that provides a variety of fold programs including tri-fold and map fold patterns. It complements many work environments where multiple printers are utilized and provides quick, precise folding from anywhere in the office.

GeraFold 218 and GeraFold 218-Cut Offline Folders support a higher folding speed, extra-large feed table and the widest selection of fold programs for faster, uninterrupted workflow and greater productivity. A touch screen user interface allows easier selection of standard and custom fold patterns as well as access to video guides and instructions. The GeraFold 218-Cut includes a manual paper trimmer for increased productivity and eliminates the need for additional office equipment.

One new online folder from Gera has been added that is compatible with Hewlett Packard printers. The Ladybird III is certified for integration with the HP DesignJet T3500 large format color printer. Ladybird III provides the ability to scan, print, stack and fold documents all within the same footprint. Improve workflow automation by integrating the printer and Gera folders using HP’s SmartStream software. Multiple print jobs including fold options can be set from individual workstations and sent to the printer for improved printer productivity and operator efficiency.


“Never before have wide format folding systems offered this much flexibility. The wide range of automated folding choices makes increasing productivity when handling wide format prints easier and more affordable for a larger variety of print applications and diverse office environments. With HP certified integration, automated on-line folding is now available for popular models of HP’s DesignJet Printer Series,” said Mark Wise, President of Tameran Graphic Systems, Inc.

To learn more about Tameran’s standalone and integrated folding solutions, visit tameran.com. Products may be purchased through Tameran’s online store at store.tameran.com or from one of Tameran’s local resellers.

Tameran Graphic Systems, Inc., headquartered in Solon, Ohio has been a leading supplier of document distribution and preservation solutions for over 40 years. Manufacturing, utility, AEC and government organizations in over 25 countries use Tameran products to simplify and improve how documents are published, distributed and archived.