Tameran Helps Mahoning County Achieve Archive Goals

Safeguarding Public Records and Lowering Archive Costs Through Increased Efficiency and Process Improvements

After reading an article in a Youngstown, Ohio newspaper describing a huge backlog of Mahoning county documents to be archived, Tameran contacted a county official to investigate the scope of the project. Mahoning County was in the process of digitizing their documents for easy access however, they also needed to comply with a state mandate requiring a microfilm archive of their long-life public records. Additionally, they were looking to find an economical solution for their microfilm production in order to eliminate the cameras, chemistry and processing system necessary for producing microfilm records.

Tameran offered a solution that allowed the county to maintain control of their records and leverage their scanning technology to produce a microfilm archive using new software and services to produce the highest quality microfilm available. Mahoning County was receptive to a new process that included scanning their own documents, utilizing Tameran’s Microfilm Roll Composer Software to create their “virtual” rolls of microfilm, and sending the digital microfilm to Tameran for processing. Plus, by switching to 35mm roll microfilm and using high density triplex formatting, they were able to significantly increase the quantity of documents contained on each roll of film—in some cases to over three times the amount—and therefore further control their costs.

The flexibility of Tameran’s microfilm archive services offered a straightforward method for archiving their records and enabled the Mahoning County Archivists to accomplish their goals. By working in tandem with Tameran, they were able to successfully:

  • Maintain and handle their own records, arrange the documents on microfilm, and therefore reduce unnecessary transfer of knowledge to an outside vendor
  • Eliminate the overhead burden of cameras, processing equipment, microfilm inventory, chemicals and safety issues involved with chemical development
  • Control costs and only pay for the level of services necessary with a fixed cost per roll
  • Create their digital files and microfilm archive at the same time

Tameran's history and expertise in document conversion and microfilm preservation make us uniquely qualified to assist our customers with building their digital and microfilm archives, reducing internal costs and helping them obtain images that can be used now and well into the future. For more information on Tameran's Document Imaging Services, go here or contact us today.

Tameran Products and Services Used:

35mm Microfilm Roll Composer

Microfilm Plotting                             

Mahoning County
35mm microfilm for archive
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