What is Microfilm?

Microfilm is the most cost-effective, safe and durable method for preserving your documents for the ages.
Document security shouldn’t be an after-thought. It should be a key records management strategy.

It’s quite simply the safest, most secure long-term way to protect your documents.

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A Very Small Picture.

Microfilm is as a very small black and white photographic negative image of a document—a paper or digital document.In fact, the original method of making microfilm was very similar to taking a photograph of a still image; in the case of microfilm, the still image was a piece of paper that contained handwritten, drawn or typewritten information.

Through the optics of a camera, the size of the image was reduced to film. Initially this film was 105mm by 135mm. Later, film with smaller size widths such as 16mm and 35mm were developed.

An Analog Image.
Microfilm is an analog image of a document similar to a document on paper. Microfilm is an image that is readable by the human eye with the aid of something as simple as a magnifying glass.

This is in contrast to a digital image which is made up of digital bytes that are only readable by a computing machine with the appropriate interpreting software.

Microfilm Creation Today.

The most up-to-date method for creating microfilm is very different than previous processes. Today, microfilm creation is similar to making a paper print with an LED digital plain paper printer.

Digital printers create rows of dots (pixels) on an LED light bar that are exposed to an imaging drum. The imaging drum transfers the dots to the paper as it moves past the imaging drum.

In the same way, microfilm images of digitally created documents or scanned documents are created using a recording device (a 16mm or 35mm Archive Writer) that exposes the film to a row of pixels using a high-resolution LED light bar, combined with precision reduction optics as the film moves past the LED light bar.

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Trusted by manufacturers, utilities and government agencies

Microfilm is the most trusted form of document preservation for critical information among manufacturers, utilities and government agencies – where documents must be kept for decades and even centuries in some cases.

It’s an important records management strategy for some of the most trusted and secure companies, organisations and corporations in the world.

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