highway constructionAperture cards may not be as popular as they used to be for long term storage of engineering drawings and technical documents, but for some organizations and industries they are indispensable for permanently storing records that must be referenced for long periods of time. Drawings involving city or county infrastructure and nuclear power plant facilities are two examples where aperture cards are more likely to be used for archiving critical documents.

The Archive Challenge

In 2014, Tameran was contacted by a central California organization that supplies document management solutions. They had contracted with a U. S. State Department of Transportation to provide a digital repository of 46,000 “as built” construction drawings from various highway projects. However, the challenge for the service provider was that the DOT not only wanted the drawings digitized, but also wished for each drawing to be archived on microfilm aperture cards which was not within the scope of their services.

Supplying Aperture Cards Through Collaboration

aperture-cards-and-microfilmIn order to fulfill their client’s bid requirements, Tameran Graphic Systems partnered with the organization to provide a permanent archive of the drawings on aperture cards. The contracting organization created the digital image files and compiled the metadata to print on the aperture cards. The images and metadata were then securely transferred to Tameran’s Microfilm Imaging Specialists for plotting the microfilm and aperture card creation.

Both service provider and end user were extremely pleased with the quality of the microfilmed images and the quick turnaround of the entire project. The aperture cards were meticulously checked by the DOT and found to be 100% accurate. Over the past year, Tameran has added nearly 96,000 silver master aperture cards to the DOT’s permanent archive.

Although digital images may be the more popular route for viewing and storing documents over the recent past, microfilm and aperture cards still provide an important role in the preservation of records that must be sustained for decades or even centuries. By collaborating with Tameran, this organization was able to fulfill customer archive requirements and acquire new business.

Tameran’s history and expertise in microfilm archive solutions make us uniquely qualified to assist other document management and imaging professionals expand their offerings, support sales staff, reduce internal costs and obtain new business. For more information on the benefits of working with Tameran, go here or contact us today.