The Challenge:

For more than 35 years, Tameran Graphic Systems has been providing organizations with innovative, cost-effective solutions that simplify and improve how technical documents are published, distributed and archived. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of document distribution and preservation solutions, a worldwidetameran-solution-for-auto-industry automobile manufacturer sought Tameran’s assistance in increasing the capability of their wide format printers throughout their research and development facility.

This successful automobile manufacturer used multiple Océ 750, Canon iPF825 and Xerox printers. Three hundred engineers printed technical drawings for various projects each day. Despite being able to print to multiple locations and stack the prints neatly with Tameran’s flat sheet paper stackers, the engineers were struggling to quickly fold, distribute and use their prints.

This became a problem because many engineers printed up to 30 technical drawings a day that needed to be hand folded and distributed to other research and development teams throughout the facility. The laborious process of hand folding or rolling the prints was time consuming, costly and slowed down the pace at which the facility did business. The automobile manufacturer needed an affordable, automated, walk-up remedy that allowed engineers to quickly fold their documents and distribute, use or file them for future reference.

The Solution:

Tameran was able to provide the organization with a cost-effective solution that allowed engineers to quickly and precisely fold technical documents after they were printed on any of the wide format printers. Tameran’s Printfold Express automated offline wide format folders improved the customer’s print process in the following ways:

-Folded prints were easier to handle, file, transport and use throughout the facility.

-Automated folding significantly reduced labor costs associated with engineers hand folding large volumes of technical documents.

-Produced crisp, precise fold packets from engineering drawings.

-Compact, walk-up units supported output from all of their large format printers.

-Easy to operate units helped engineers quickly learn how to use the machines and produce a variety of fold packets. 

The Results:

By providing the customers with Printfold Express automated wide format folders, the research and development team was able to spend more time on engineering projects rather than hand folding their prints. With an automated offline folder, the amount of time and hours associated with wide format finishing was reduced up to 80%. The team also spent less time searching for and distributing prints since their documents were neatly folded and organized.

Tameran Graphics Systems specializes in cost-effective and efficient wide format print finishing solutions.  Tameran’s Printfold automated wide format folders quickly, accurately and reliably fold large technical documents into neat, crisp packets regardless of original document size. This allows wide format prints to easily fit into a binder, job pouch, file folder or envelope. Tameran’s PrintStack wide format paper stackers provide a solid offload solution for xerographic and ink jet printers.

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