The Challenge: Wide Format Prints pile up on the floor

One of the country’s largest transportation agencies sought Tameran’s help to increase the productivity of their wide format printers in their district planning and engineering facilities throughout the state.PrintStack-Department-of-Transportation

This large department of transportation was responsible for building, maintaining and operating the state’s roads, bridges and tunnels. Each planning and engineering facility used Xerox, Canon and HP wide format printers in a distributive printing environment to print technical drawings for various transportation projects.

Even though their printers produced high-quality wide format images, they failed miserably in providing an efficient and productive way for off-loading large volumes of prints as they exited the printers. This became a big problem because many engineers and planning personnel frequently printed multiple copies and print sets each day. The cloth basket or wire form catch system basically dumped their print sets on the floor in a disorganized mess. The laborious process of retrieving large piles of wide format documents off the floor, sorting and collating the prints and distributing them was time consuming, costly and slowed down the pace at which the facilities did business.

It also became a safety issue for the facilities because the engineers and planners were frequently bending over or physically on the floor picking up the prints. The department of transportation needed an affordable, automated and ergonomic walk-up solution that improved the off-loading of prints from their large format printers.


The Solution: Automated Wide Format Print Stacker

Tameran was able to provide the department of transportation with a simple and cost-effective solution that allowed engineers and planners to collect wide format prints efficiently, productively and safely. Tameran’s PrintStack Professional wide format paper stackers improved the customer’s print process in the following ways:

  • Wide format prints were efficiently stacked that might otherwise end up on the floor due to location and capacities of wide format printer offloaders.
  • Print sets were neatly stacked without fear that prints would fall on the floor or mess up sequential pages.
  • Wide format printers were able to run unattended and print large volumes of documents overnight.
  • Engineers and planners were more productive during the work day because they didn’t need to stand for long periods of time at the printer to catch print sets.
  • The stackers made the online printing operation more productive because multiple workstations were able to easily print, stack and collect prints.

The Results: Increased Productivity

By providing the customer with Tameran’s PrintStack Professional wide format paper stackers, the district planning and engineering facilities were able to be more productive, allowing engineers and planners to spend their time on transportation projects rather than sorting through piles of prints on the floor. With a PrintStack Professional stacker, neatly stacked prints were now retrieved quickly from a stack tray at a convenient waist height.

Tameran Graphic Systems specializes in cost-effective and innovative wide format print finishing solutions. Tameran Printfold automated folders quickly, accurately and reliably fold large technical documents into neat, crisp packets regardless of original document size. This allows large, engineering documents to easily fit into a binder, job pouch, file folder or envelope. Tameran PrintStack wide format flat sheet stackers provide a solid offload solution for xerographic and ink jet printers.

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