Working Together Long Distance Reduces Archive Costs by 60%

Distance from Customer is Insignificant When Savings are Noteworthy

Since the 1980's, Tameran has helped a U. S. government laboratory located in Southern California distribute and archive technical documents. For years, their engineering drawings were archived on aperture cards that were produced internally. When their aperture card production technology died in 2011, they sought help from Tameran Graphic Systems to produce their microfilm aperture cards. The following year, they were looking for a more cost-effective way to archive their drawings on microfilm. Tameran suggested reducing archive costs by using 35mm roll microfilm in place of aperture cards and recommended using our Microfilm Roll Composer software. By using Microfilm Roll Composer, they were able to maintain control of their digital images, compose and create the “virtual” microfilm themselves, and send to Tameran for plotting and processing. By switching to a new system for archiving technical drawings, this federally funded research and development organization realized an annual cost savings of nearly 60%.

Once again in 2012, the archive writer technology this leader in earth and space exploration used for archiving small, office documents onto 16mm microfilm also broke down. Since they had no capital budget to replace the archive writer hardware, Tameran similarly recommended a combined effort for creating the microfilm. By using our digital technology and Tameran's microfilm production team, they were not only able to successfully archive their images to 16mm microfilm, but retrained employees familiar with the archive writers to use Microfilm Roll Composer and eliminated the hardware and chemicals necessary for creating and processing the microfilm.

Meeting Changing Needs Leads to Long-Term Outsource Relationship

This trusted relationship has now grown to include not only microfilm preservation but also microfilm conversion. Both 16mm and 35mm microfilm from decades past is now being converted by Tameran to multi-page pdfs for digital distribution.

Our Ohio location has not deterred our long-distance relationship with this California-based organization. There may be something to the old saying that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but perhaps by consistently meeting quality standards, timelines, budgets and the changing needs of our customer, Tameran has made the thousands of miles that separate our two organizations insignificant. 

Tameran's history and expertise in document conversion and preservation make us uniquely qualified to assist our customers with building their digital and microfilm archives, reducing internal costs and helping them obtain images that can be used now and well into the future. For more information on Tameran's Document Imaging Services, go here or contact us today.

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Microfilm Roll Composer Software

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