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Microfilming Services

We record important digital or paper documents on microfilm for cost-effective long-term archival storage.

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Scanning Services

We convert paper and microfilm documents to digital documents for quick access and distribution.

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Aperture Card Scanners

We provide microfilm aperture card scanners for convenient ways to access documents on aperture cards.

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Imaging Processing with ImagePrep®

We provide imaging software that enables you to automate the processes of digitally converting scanned images and related metadata.

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Product Support

We provide Product Support for our Aperture Card Scanners, Wide Format Paper Folders, Wide Format Paper Stackers, and Imaging Software.

What our clients say
Tameran has helped us streamline our scanning and indexing of city building permit drawings and as built drawings. Our volume of records is ever increasing in our fast growing city. They have also microfilmed our drawings for long term archiving. We just renewed our contract for another 3 years.

Records Manager, Georgia City

Tameran has done a great job scanning and indexing our paper Probate Court documents for digital access. They have also produced high quality microfilm of all our documents for long term archiving. 

Clerk of Court, Ohio County

Tameran scanned millions of microfilm aperture cards for us to provide quick access of drawings for our spare parts operation. Their image processing techniques assured or project was completed successfully.

Project Manager, World Wide Farm Equipment Manufacturer

We switched to Tameran to microfilm our customers records to improve quality and control costs. Every month we microfilm more and more records with Tameran.

Operations Manager, Texas Based Document Management Comapny

We have been successfully partnering with Tameran for more than a decade to produce 35 mm microfilm for our international document storage customers.

VP Business Development, Worlds Largest Document Storage Comapny

We’re here for you at every stage of your microfilm archiving and scanning journey.
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Our vast expertise and experience in microfilming and document scanning technologies and services, means that we’re perfectly placed to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible and you get the very most out of the latest microfilming and scanning technologies and advancements.
‘We’ve developed into a true one-stop shop for all your microfilming and scanning needs, and offer everything you need to make the significant cost savings and resources enhancement that comes with successful and intelligent digital archiving of your company’s documentation and files.
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